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Oreotrilogy was proposed for deletion. This page is an archive of the discussion about the proposed deletion. This page is no longer live. Further comments should be made on the article's talk page rather than here so that this page is preserved as an historic record. The result of the debate was delete.

Advert for a website that gets 3 google hits. -- Graham ☺ | Talk 15:28, 22 Dec 2004 (UTC)

  • Why is this being deleted? This is an actual website that is getting hits on a daily basis. I think people should know what oreotrilogy is and the history behind it. User:Soldier43
    • It has been nominated for deletion for the reasons stated above. Just because a website is getting hits doesn't mean that it's encyclopedic: if it were I'd be able to list my personal website here which is just silly, really. One would have thought that if a website were encyclopedic enough, it would have more than three google hits, two of which were open forum websites, like this one. -- Graham ☺ | Talk 16:02, 22 Dec 2004 (UTC)
    • Delete. Note that Soldier43's contributions to date have been only to this debate and article, and the website creator's article also listed below. Andrewa 20:44, 22 Dec 2004 (UTC)
  • Delete: ad. DCEdwards1966 16:18, Dec 22, 2004 (UTC)
  • Delete: every website gets hits on a daily basis, but Wikipedia is not a web guide. -- Antaeus Feldspar 17:05, 22 Dec 2004 (UTC)
  • Delete, ad. Wyss 21:45, 22 Dec 2004 (UTC)
  • It does not even have an Alexa rank yet. Delete. Wikipedia is not a webguide. Rossami (talk) 21:58, 22 Dec 2004 (UTC)
  • Delete. Wikipedia is not a web guide. See Wikipedia:What Wikipedia is not. [[User:Livajo|Ливай | ]] 22:12, 22 Dec 2004 (UTC)
  • Delete. Wikipedia is not a web guide. Jayjg 22:38, 22 Dec 2004 (UTC)

I guess there isn't much else to say other than to delete it. I figured since websites like were on here, it would be okay for me to add my own website. But I guess my site doesn't have the homestar fame you were all looking for.

  • Can this be speedy deleted as "blanked by author" now? Dpbsmith (talk) 19:11, 24 Dec 2004 (UTC)

This page is now preserved as an archive of the debate and, like some other VfD subpages, is no longer 'live'. Subsequent comments on the issue, the deletion or on the decision-making process should be placed on the relevant 'live' pages. Please do not edit this page.