Yun Yat

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Yun Yat
យុន យ៉ាត
Minister of Information
In office
6 July 1977 – 7 January 1979
Prime MinisterPol Pot
Preceded byHu Nim
Personal details
Phnom Penh
Died15 June 1997 (aged 62–63)
Anlong Veng, Cambodia
Political partyCommunist Party
Spouse(s)Son Sen

Yun Yat (Khmer: យុន យ៉ាត pronounced [jun jaːt]; 1934 – 15 June 1997), alias Comrade At (សមមិត្តនារីអាត), was the wife of Son Sen, defence minister of Democratic Kampuchea. On 9 October 1975, the Standing Committee of Communist Party of Kampuchea placed her in charge of information and education inside and outside of the country. In 1977, she was appointed as information minister after Hu Nim's arrest and execution.[1]

On 10 June 1997 Khieu Samphan (former State Presidium Chairman of Democratic Kampuchea) declared that Yun Yat and Son Sen had been arrested as spies of Hun Sen and Vietnam, and declared as traitors. Yun Yat, Son Sen and eight of their relatives were executed on 15 June 1997 by the Khmer Rouge rump state.[2][3]


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