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This article is in the process of being merged with RTI International, per Wikipedia's suggestion. Aks091810 (talk) 21:07, 20 January 2011 (UTC)

I agree with the sentiments of the other posters, this page is biased to the point of being useless. RTI's Iraq contract is only one very small segment of their total work, and even that has been misrepresented here.

Rather than being beholden to "corporate" interests as this uninformed poster argues, RTI has actually given several major Cancer drugs such as Taxol to the public by renouncing patent rights and placing the compounds in the public domain. See:

The poster is pursuing his own political agenda and seems to know virtually nothing about what RTI actually does.

While there is certainly disagreement about RTI's role in Iraq, RTI itself is a large institution that has made may contributions to society in its history, and is generally well respected, if not considered a pillar of the North Carolina research community.

In an attempt to improve neutral point of view, I've added a general description of the RTI, and removed sneer quotes and revised language such as "claims to" to be clear it is the company's position without implying if it is true or not.

To further help NPOV, text on other projects of RTI (of which there have been many) would be helpful. I think the counter-argument on its Iraq contracts could also use enhancement. Erich Fabricius 08:35, 4 Jun 2004 (UTC)


What imbecile put this page together? 60% of it is devoted to RTI's percieved problems and less than 40% to what RTI actually is. One sentence or even paragraph devoted to the issue would have been enougth BUT A WHOLE SECTION AND FOUR PARAGRAPHS? Go stand on your podium somewhere else, this is supposed to be an encyclopedia not a friggin' rally.

User: Anon

RTI is an incredible research institute[edit]

This article should be entirely rewritten. The person who put this together failed to mention that RTI has numerously been national recognized for many of its projects. Did the author realize that RTI is the place of the discoveries of two of the most important natural products used in cancer medicine today? Or is the cure for cancer a controversial topic as well? Please never let that author write anything else.

Further Info[edit]

If you take a look at the this link, read the whole thing thru, think about who is funding and running things, then research the reasons for the statements made about litigation at the bottom of the page, I think you can understand why some of the things that the Bermuda, ahh, Research Triangle Institute is really all about are in-credible.

This page and the one for RTI International should probably be merged in some way.