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Have been lurking here for a few months so I thought it might be time to put something here.

Wikiname: Stmoose is used because my 'normal' internet name 'St Moose' could not be used because of limitation.

St Moose was first used by me back in the early 90s on

Moose (which is my nickname) was taken already by someone at ISCA, someone who I was to join in South Africa to attend a rugby game and discuss the 'rise of the phoenix' I have a feeling that that person is running around here somewhere!

Have started/edited a few articles, have asked a few questions about other articles. Most of the articles have been sports related, but have also included religon and theatre. Also just correcting sentence structure and grammer (or grammar as should be spelled, but I have spelled it incorrectly a few times here when it was late or my fingers moved too fast :)

Usually spend an hour just hitting the random button reading articles, nice informitive place to spend an hour.

thanks for trying something like this!